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Fix the Hiring Process: Let’s Move to Results-Based Job Descriptions

According to a Gallup poll, 68% of the U.S. workforce is “disengaged” from their jobs largely because the hiring process still clings to the “olde” model of force-fitting candidates to the job description instead of customizing the job to the person’s unique skill set and expertise.  Getting employees engaged in their work/jobs leads to lower turnover. There are a few ideas that hiring managers can use to improve the quality of hires:

1. Understand the candidate’s perspective that assessing the merits of a new job or career opportunity takes some time; people needing a job will jump quickly (leaving you with just another employee); the problem solvers and game changers you want typically require more time to evaluate the position as it is presented, and how they can effect change that brings more value to the position.

2. Set aside for now any job applications or objective assessments of a candidate. A highly experienced, accomplished professional resents having to run that gauntlet before even being considered for his or her specific accomplishments and expertise. Save it for the final step before the job offer is extended, and shape the offer to address the candidate’s most motivating requirements.

4. Use a results-oriented job description rather than the usual boilerplate “duties and responsibilities” format. For many jobs, there’s more than one way to get to a solution to a problem or answer to a question; and often, the second answer or solution is better than the first that comes to mind. Tell candidates the expected results; let them apply their knowledge, skills, and expertise to get the results you need.

5. Managers who have a great track record of hiring and developing quality people are usually very good managers who understand the nuances of the entire hiring process and are aware of their own prejudices and presuppositions that may interfere with honestly assessing potential candidates.

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