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ENCYGNIUM Announces Upcoming "One-Minute Hiring Manager™" Video Vignettes to Help Job Seekers, Career Changers

Encygnium will soon be releasing a series of video vignettes to help job and career seekers better prepare for opportunities in a still-confused economy. All the one-minute videos in the One-Minute Hiring Manager™ series will feature former Fortune 500 hiring manager and principal at ENCYGNIUM Donn LeVie Jr. With more than 20 years’ experience in the earth sciences (NOAA, Phillips Petroluem Company), software development (Synercom Technology), process control (Fisher Controls), and microprocessor design (Motorola, Intel Corporation), Donn has reviewed thousands of résumés and cover letters, conducted countless job interviews, and helped hire and manage hundreds of professionals in technology, marketing, and communications. Donn, who wrote under the pseudonym “J.T. Kirk”,  is the author of Confessions of a Hiring Manager: Getting to and Staying at the Top of the Hiring Manager’s Short List in a Confused Economy and 50 Things You Can Do NOW to Help Keep Your Job. He offers his valuable experience and insight to show job and career changers how to perfect a strategy that makes the hiring manager’s candidate of choice.

The One-Minute Hiring Manager series will launch June 1, 2012 with the following one-minute videos on the ENCYGNIUM website (

  • The One-Minute Hiring Manager: Your Résumé
  • The One-Minute Hiring Manager: Your Cover Letter
  • The One-Minute Hiring Manager: Job Interview Preparation
  • The One-Minute Hiring Manager: Salary Negotiation
  • The One-Minute Hiring Manager: Your Job/Career Strategy
  • The One-Minute Hiring Manager: Your PSKE™ Portfolio
  • The One-Minute Hiring Manager: Your Post-Interview Strategy
  • The One-Minute Hiring Manager: Translating Military Experience into Civilian Expertise

Videos in the One-Minute Hiring Manager series can also be customized for presentation on professional association websites, college and university websites, business and trade school websites, and corporate websites. Contact Encygnium to obtain additional information.

ENCYGNIUM focuses on teaching professionals how to transition to new jobs or  careers inside and outside of any organization sooner than later through  workshops, presentations, and personal consultations at regional and national  conferences. We do the same for corporations, professional associations,  colleges and universities, military bases and veterans groups, and trade and  business schools. All of our work is performed at conferences sponsored by associations and corporations, at higher  education institutions, and military organizations where scales of efficiency and effectiveness are  maximized. Conferences, military bases, and college campuses offer the best opportunities to help  large numbers of people seeking employment, planning new career directions, or enhancing current  employment and promotion potential.