Looking for a Job? Why You Need to Come to Austin, TX

Austin_MuralI moved to Austin from Houston back in 1988 when the Texas capital city was still more of a sleepy college town with high-tech companies moving in quickly. And since then, I’ve been associated with technology companies in different capacities for truly rewarding opportunities.

A new study (“2016’s Best and Worst Cities to Find a Job” at www.wallethub.com) places Austin in the top 3 cities for looking for a new job. The same website ranked Austin at the No. 3 spot in its 2015 study of “The Best and Worst Cities to Start a Career.”

When considering other cities for job opportunities, look at key indicators such as business expansion and job growth. These would include total office spaced leased in relation to supply (Austin ranked 2nd in the country) and total new square footage of office space (Austin ranked 3rd in the country). Professional and business services have seen the largest job increase for the Texas economy followed by lesisure and hospitality.

The Austin economy isn’t as dependent on the oil economy like Houston or banking/commerce-heavy Dallas.  Tech is still the strongest employer in Austin (lots of financing options for startups) along with traditionally stable areas of government and education.

The Austin downtown skyline has changed quite a lot…the construction crame being the state bird. And traffic is, well, ….that’s for another post.

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Former Fortune 500 hiring manager Donn LeVie Jr. is the author of Strategic Career Engagement (September 2015), and the book that reset the rules for successful job and career strategies:  Confessions of a Hiring Manager Rev. 2.0 (June 2012, Winner of the 2012 Global eBook Award and Winner of the 2012 International Book Award for Jobs/Careers). He leads career strategy seminars at conferences, business/trade schools, colleges and universities, and U.S. Military Veterans organizations.

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