Lose the “Vocal Fry” if You Want to be Hired!

vocal fryWe’ve all heard it…that affected, grating enunciation of words, usually at the end of a sentence, that has been made popular by certain Kardashian offspring and some pop divas. It’s called a “vocal fry” and is know by such other technical terms as pulse register, laryngealisation, pulse phonation, creak, croak, popcorning, glottal fry, glottal rattle, glottal scrape, or strohbass. Whatever you call it, it’s like fingernails down the blackboard to the ears of most other people – especially hiring managers and recruiters. It is the ugly, illegitimate offspring of Valley Girl talk that nauseated us in the ’80s.

If you want to progress through the hiring process – especially past the job interview – lose the vocal fry if you have acquired it because as hiring managers are under more pressure to do a better job with candidate selection, they are looking for any excuse to say “no” to you as a candidate. And if you believe you are terminally stricken with this glottal rattle, consider hiring a vocal coach – or better yet: an exorcist.

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Former Fortune 500 hiring manager Donn LeVie Jr. is the author of the newly released Strategic Career Engagement (September 2015), and the book that reset the rules for successful job and career strategies:  Confessions of a Hiring Manager Rev. 2.0 (June 2012, Winner of the 2012 Global eBook Award and Winner of the 2012 International Book Award for Jobs/Careers).


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