Part 3: Do You Need Professional Career Help? Coaches, Recruiters, and Résumé Writers

Do I need Professional Help

YOU are the Best Option for Writing Your Cover Letter and Résumé

It’s been said that if you give a man a fish, you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish, and you have fed him for a lifetime. Having someone else develop your résumé for you is the equivalent of them giving you a fish for the day, and if that’s good enough for you today, fine. But what about tomorrow, and the day after that?  What you really want is to be fed for a lifetime by being able to write your own cover letters and résumés, and develop first-rate interview skills for whatever job or career change you find yourself in today and in the future. You might need some help, but you should be responsible for writing—and rewriting—that résumé and cover letter.

I don’t “typically” rewrite cover letters or résumés for career strategy clients because I don’t know their expertise anywhere close to their own knowledge of it. (I say, “typically,” because if a client really has no clue and they specifically request that I provide a rewrite, I will.) I do, however, suggest changes to résumés and cover letters that get clients out of the “I, me, my, mine” context approach, and encourage them to rethink their skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise in a manner that takes more of a consultant’s approach to solving other people’s problems. That means promoting how your expertise provides future benefits to the hiring manager.

No one but you knows the extent of the skill, the breadth of experience, the depth of knowledge, the decision making, the problem solving that goes behind every bulleted item on your résumé, and no one can express it better than you because you lived it. You can learn how to best express it in meaningful terms that address the needs of a hiring manager. That skill feeds you for a lifetime, and that’s what I teach in my books, seminars, personal consults (for subscribing organizations), and in 2016, online videos and workbooks.

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