4 Websites for Minimizing Your Online Footprint


  • HaveBeenPwned.com. Enter your email addresses and usernames, and the site will tell you if any of your personal information has been exposed by hackers. It also provides tips on how to fix the problem.
  • MailDrop.cc lets you create an email address that disappears when you’re done with it–just 24 hours after it’s last used. Great for signing up for one-time deals or downloads.
  • JustDeleteMe.me links directly to the cancellation pages of an “almost endless” list of social media sites, retailers, and other businesses that might have data on you.
  • Privnote lets you send electronic messages to another person without creating a data trail. The recipient is sent a URL where the message can be read, then both the message and URL are removed.

(Source: The Week Magazine, October 2, 2015)

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