New FREE eBook "Positioning for the Next Decade" Available from Donn LeVie Jr.

Donn LeVie Jr.’s new FREE eBook, Positioning for the Next Decade, is available from

Award-winning author, consultant, and former Fortune 500 hiring manager Donn LeVie Jr. has just released a new and free eBook entitled POSITIONING for the Next Decade: Creating and Promoting Your Professional Brand in an Evolving Global Job Market. Request your free copy at

Rapid changes in global demographics, economics, and technology are influencing how domestic and international corporations restructure and allocate all forms of capital. Not the least of these strategic and tactical shifts involves the workforce arena where the effects reverberate through the entire employment chain. Hiring managers now more than before seek candidates who can quantify their achievements as problem solvers, “game changers”, and solutions providers to a myriad of challenges.

Assumptions about the workforce generally have been derived from studies and observations in the West and in mature economies; however, rapid-response opportunities are presenting themselves at an increasing rate in emerging economies as well as other mature economies within the block of G-20 nations.

This eBook surveys the key global demographic, technological, and economic changes that are shaping key trends in the organization, which in turn dictate hiring trends in the organization. Armed with this information, readers will learn how to brand their professional skills, knowledge, and experience into both a portfolio of supportive documentation and a strategy that positions them as the hiring manager’s candidate of choice.

The eBook demonstrates how such a strategy works in parallel for permanent positions as well as contracting and consulting opportunities.


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